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'SHINee World' 1st Album
'Lucifer' 2nd Album
'Dream girl' 3rd Album
'Why So Serious?' 4th Album


'Replay' 1st Single
'Romeo' 2nd Single
'2009 Years of us' 3rd Single
'Sherlock' 4th Single
'Everybody' 5th Single


'AMIGO' 1st Repackaged
'Hello' 2nd Repackaged

Photos 2011
Photos 2012
Photos 2013

Etude House Web Catalogue 131002
SM Building 131002
SM Building 131003
Filming We Got Married 131003
SM Building 131005
Gangnam Hallyu Festival 131006
SM Building 131007
Incheon Airport to Japan 131008
Boys Meet U Special Event in Fukuoka 131008
Boys Meet U Special Event in Osaka 131009
Incheon Airport from Japan 131010
Mnet M!Countdown 131010
KBS Music Bank 131011
Incheon Airport to Japan 131011
Nagoya Airport to Korea 131012
Incheon Airport from Japan 131012
MBC Music Core 131012
SBS Inkigayo 131013
Dance Practice 131014
Filming We Got Married 131014
Gimpo Airport from Jeju Island 131014
Gimpo Airport to Japan 131015
Gimpo Airport from Japan 131016
MBC Music Show Champion 131016
Etude House 5 Million Congratulatory Event 131016
Mnet M!Countdown 131017
SBS Boom Young Street Radio 131017
Mnet Wide Entertainment News ‘Open Studio Talk’ 131017
KBS Music Bank 131018
More Than Chocolate Endosement 131018
Gimpo Airport to China 131019
SMTown Live World Tour III in Beijing 131019
Beijing Capital International Airport to Korea 131020
Incheon Airport from China 131020
SBS Inkigayo 131020
Incheon Airport to Japan 131021
Boys Meet U Special Showcase in Sapporo 131021
Incheon Airport from Japan 131022
MBC Younha’s Starry Night Radio 131022
MBC Music Show Champion 131023
SBS Power FM Cultwoshow 131024
Etude House USA Grand Opening 131024
Youngpoong Books Fansign 131025
SBS Power FM Park Sohyun’s Love Game 131025
MBC Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’clock Date Radio 131025
Gimpo Airport to Japan 131026
SMTown Live World Tour III in Tokyo 131026
SMTown Live World Tour III in Tokyo 131027
Gimpo Airport from Japan 131028
Shinsegae Department Store Fansign 131028
SHINee Halloween 131028
SBS The Show All About Kpop 131029
Arirang TV Simply Kpop 131029
KBS Cool FM Yoo In Na‘s Volume Up 131029
JTBC Hidden Singer 131029
MBC Music Show Champion 131030
Arirang TV After School Club 131030
Kookmin University Festival 131030
Mnet M!Countdown 131031
KBS Kiss The Radio 131031
SEEK Magazine Second Issue 2013
KanFun Magazine October Issue 2013

Photos 2014

SHINee’s ‘Dream Girl Chapter 2: The misconceptions of me’ Tracklist


Tracklist for Chapter 2:

Excuse Me Miss 
Like A Fire
Why So Serious
Music Box
I Can’t Leave
It’s You

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